A Letter from my Future Self

I am quite fond of writing letters to my future self but I decided to switch up and write a letter from my future self to my present self and thought I'd share some elements.

I remember the feeling of gratitude and 
the proud sense of accomplishment
as I walked across the stage all dressed in
my regalia, with the black hat which never
fits afro hair quite so well.

The ‘oh no the tear’s about to drop’
but don’t let it drop because it’s a photo day
and sis, you look good today.

I graduated from university. 
I remember moving out, for real this time
meeting new people, eating new food
and crying over new modules. 

You sometimes feared you were late:
You were always on schedule
And even though I remember the difficult moments too
These too, play a part in where we are
Because your strengths are formed not only
From the mountain top moments but also
From the slightly lower ones.

You were right to start to realise
that the Bible is very right when it says
to seek ye first the kingdom of God,
you’ll continue to discover how the 
important things are to love God,
first, love yourself and love your neighbours.
Because I remember that in some moments
When things felt heavy, you realise the 
Pricelessness of the peace offered freely
By the Prince of Peace and in the good times,
You treasure the light offered by the Son.
That gift, it’s one to treasure.

On some days you do the damn thing and you do it well.
Some days, you wake up and pray, look after
Yourself in food and movement, produce
Your best work and get your favourite 
Party on. Other times, it’s not so picture

Sometimes your faith is as strong as ever
The convictions deep within grow and multiply
And you remain ever so sure of who God is.
Somedays, your doubt and your fears would
Get so real that you’d cry
For no distinguishable reason. 
But remember, it all plays a part in who we are.

I read an Instagram caption from someone recently which said: “the Sun moves at 1000 miles per hour yet I don’t feel a thing. I'm reminded of this every time I doubt myself. I am inching forward, imperceptibly.” (@mr200m) After all, we walk by faith and not by sight. Keep your faith sis, it turned out fine.

This was actually really fun to write and it was inspired by a podcast episode I listened to recently (linked below).

Verse of the week:

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

1 Peter 5:7

Verse of the weekS

Some nuggets to encourage you:

  • Today’s blogpost was actually inspired by a podcast episode I listened to recently called ‘Future Focus’- I’d definitely recommend the episode, linked below x
  • My lunchtimes this week have been beautiful (I don’t know why and when I stopped having a proper lunchtime break but these can be so blissful) so I thought I’d recommend this blogpost on ‘Choosing Joy.’
  • My encouragement/challenge to you today is to call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. It turns out surprise phone calls from friends can be really lovely.

All my love & till next time,

Bibi x

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